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ROASTED GARLIC IN THE MICROWAVE?! Is it really possible?

So as I was flipping through some recipes I found step by step instructions on roasted garlic in the microwave and had to give it a try! I bookmarked it and just had the chance to try it out last night. Mine worked like a charm and took 2min. Of course you miss out on all the great flavor in the bottom of the pan but in a hurry this is the way to go! I wanted to make sure and give credit to this great site so check out the website and the whole pasta salad recipe here @budget bites
Below is the excerpt from the recipe on how to roast the garlic. Very good to know, very easy and I will be a return customer on this quick trick.
Step By Step Photo

To cook the garlic in the microwave, begin by cutting a little off the top of the head to expose the cloves

Place the head of garlic in a small dish and drizzle about half a tablespoon of olive oil over the exposed coves. This will keep them from burning.

Place an inverted plate over top of your bowl or dish. Microwave on high, in one minute increments, until the garlic is soft and very fragrant. Mine took two minutes and after that it began to burn (even when I added water to the dish). The garlic will hiss and pop during cooking, and some of the cloves may jump out of the head!

When it’s finished, it will be soft, kind of mushy, and it will smell really REALLY good. The cloves will be about the same color as they were fresh, but they will look slightly transparant. Allow the garlic to cool.

Once it’s cool enough to handle, squeeze the garlic cloves out of the head and mince them. They’ll likely be pretty sticky.

Add to your dish and it will result in the same flavor as pan roasting. Pretty awesome!

Replacing empty

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If I had to wipe every bit of sunshine off my face.
I would gladly do it,
to give you some space,
to smile.
To pour into you what I have that stretches for miles.
To replace what you can’t even fit into vials.


Blind America

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And number one
means nothing now,
since you brought home the prize cow.
And pies have nothing on your recipe…
of happy and family.
Of Duncan Hines,
and fat behinds,
of mortgages,
and greener times.
No IRS or insurance ties.
No living life in peaceful times.
Just keep selling lies,
just keep America blind.
~ Beth ~


Stress is a major downer!

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Stress is reeking havoc on my immune system.  Apparently getting married, moving, and changing jobs are three of the top five most stressful things on the stressful things list 🙂 The weird thing is my body knew I was under stress before I ever realized it.  I’m pretty much a go with the flow happy kinda girl for the most part so I really didn’t understand that I was under stress until my body started reacting to it.  I started literally getting sick. I had a fever blister break out on my lip and felt all together awful.  Like this: we were driving in the car looking for houses and I could literally feel myself starting to get sick.  Now Im usually the suck it up and stop your whining kinda girl but my body refused to listen to what my mind was telling it.  Very frustrating! So I started reading about this stuff and stress is a killer and attacks your body and I am actively working on finding some relaxation time to stop this crazy cycle of getting sick and feeling bad.  I took a bubble bath last night and I am making sure I am eating regularly and getting extra sleep.  I am mad that somehow this snuck up on me and I got stressed out without realizing it.  I read some jokes today and laughed because I’m pretty sure stress hates laughter so Im attacking it every chance I get.  Yoga classes next week and plenty of fluids.  Maybe some tea? I dont know.  ANYONE GOT ANY TIPS ON HOW TO BEAT STRESS WHEN YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD IT?? HELP!

Poorly built pedestals of happiness

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I wish I could pry your mouth open with both my hands, around your slippery lips and sharp teeth, pulling till I made a little space. And then I’d drop it in, hold your mouth shut till you licked your nose and swallowed. I would watch your cheeks distort and roll into creases and lines as they pulled back stretching toward your ears. Your lips sliding glossy over your gums as the corners of your mouth reached towards heaven. Your round eyes would disappear into little slits of happy sunshine slices. The cervical vertebra slanted backwards with the spinal cords support sending synapses of sunshine straight to your epiphysis cerebri. I wish I could resonate in a tone that shook you with happiness. I wish I could push it on you or pry it into you. I wish I could wrap it up and give it to you and when your cold or lonely you could climb into it like a bright yellow cave. I wish I could shove it so far down your throat you’d never stop smiling but I can’t reach your mouth from way up here without falling. Maybe it’s worth climbing down to have a better look around your face.

Morning Motivation

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This one little messy corner of my kitchen propels my life forward every morning. Thank God for coffee!
#thecoffeewhisperer #coffee #coffeewhisperer #liquidmodavation

Hey there drama junkies

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I used to do drama. I searched for that crap like it was a prize egg at a Easter egg hunt. If I couldn’t find it I created it. If peace and order would start to pronounce itself I would spit it out like a bad taste. A piece of advice from a former drama queen? Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction from the first sign of drama. It’s like a virus if your around someone with it it’s pretty likely you might get it too. If your a drama junkie don’t hang out with other drama users. The first step in solving your drama junkie problem is admitting you have one. Yes, I’m kinda joking and no I’m really not. It can fill your life with real problems and our mouths are powerful weapons of creation or destruction. If you are tired and you want a little peace of mind start eliminating drama. First rule of drama elimination. Don’t talk about drama, the second rule is never talk about drama! Another words stop talking about people and stop participating in listening to others talk about people. No gossiping! If you have a problem this first step is a hard step. Third step: eliminate drama creators. It’s harder because sometimes it means life changes you might not be ready to make. Sometimes it simply means no longer arguing with someone and keeping your mouth closed or walking away. Either way hard step. If your a drama junkie good luck it’s a long hard road to peace but from a former drama queen: your queen of nothing and it’s worth the climb down off your imaginary throne.

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