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Hey there drama junkies

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I used to do drama. I searched for that crap like it was a prize egg at a Easter egg hunt. If I couldn’t find it I created it. If peace and order would start to pronounce itself I would spit it out like a bad taste. A piece of advice from a former drama queen? Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction from the first sign of drama. It’s like a virus if your around someone with it it’s pretty likely you might get it too. If your a drama junkie don’t hang out with other drama users. The first step in solving your drama junkie problem is admitting you have one. Yes, I’m kinda joking and no I’m really not. It can fill your life with real problems and our mouths are powerful weapons of creation or destruction. If you are tired and you want a little peace of mind start eliminating drama. First rule of drama elimination. Don’t talk about drama, the second rule is never talk about drama! Another words stop talking about people and stop participating in listening to others talk about people. No gossiping! If you have a problem this first step is a hard step. Third step: eliminate drama creators. It’s harder because sometimes it means life changes you might not be ready to make. Sometimes it simply means no longer arguing with someone and keeping your mouth closed or walking away. Either way hard step. If your a drama junkie good luck it’s a long hard road to peace but from a former drama queen: your queen of nothing and it’s worth the climb down off your imaginary throne.



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Inexpensive DIY wall art:  Thrift store art + vinyl letters + coat of paint, then remove vinyl letters.  Cool idea.  (No link here-- pin only goes to photo.)

googled it and did it
1. PIck up a LP album cover from your local thrift shop or garage sale or grandparents or… your record collection

2. Get vinyl letters ( got mine from the dollar store)

3. Apply letters to the record to say the phrase of your choice

4. Paint over entire album cover with your choice of paint (acrylic)

5. Let paint dry and remove vinyl letters (I’m super impatient and couldn’t wait to let it completely dry before I pulled off my letters and it still turned out perfect..FYI)

One more picture of one I did. I wanted the letters to pop a little so I did a light wash over them in a light colored blue paint.20130518-083846.jpg

Ok and one of me working on my creation with my niece.


Emma’s sign

Dear Emma
I’m your cousin. I don’t know you but I love you. I dreamed about you before we knew you were coming and I know your special and amazing. I grew up with your grandma Jamie and even though you don’t know him your great grandfather Gary Soileau. He was an amazing man. His dad and my dad traveled all over the United States with Jamie and Jason and me. So I already know your amazing because I know where you come from. Here are my steps in making your sign. It took much longer than I wanted because I had to end up planning a wedding around the time I got started.

* I used a recycled pallet for this project and just cut right through the nails.


Pain any color you want. I used pink.

Next I printed out the letters for “Emma” centered them on the board and traced them really hard with a capped sharpie so it made and indention in the wood of the letters
Then I removed the paper letters and filled them in with a black paint pen.

I used a little sandpaper and dulled it out in places by rubbing on it lightly. The next step took the longest.
Picking out the door pulls I wanted. I wanted to put drawer pulls on it so they could hang clothes. I ended up getting some from hobby lobby that I though went pretty well but the selection was a little overwhelming and made or hard to decide. Since they are supposed to be drawer pulls you will have to drill a hole where you want them, but after that you just thread a screw on the back to make it secure.


I put two at the top to use to tie ribbon on and hang it.

And finally it’s done!

Hope you enjoy it Emma!

Getting hitched in a barn

So yep I’m getting married in a barn. I know barn weddings are kinda something people are doing these days but this one isn’t some old barn we are renting. It’s on my family’s farm. That’s been in our family since the civil war and its a hay barn my Great grandfather built. My pop kept this as a working farm at one time but now it just has family living out here. I don’t know why I never do things the easy way but I decided I wanted my wedding in that barn and it has been a heck load of stress and work. BUT it’s finally coming together and today I stepped back and took this picture and almost started crying. It’s exactly how I imagined it… Almost. It’s not done yet but I can see hope. I always take the hardest way possible in everything but this is such a treasure to me. One of my best memories as a child was that barn stacked full of hay and jumping from bail to bail until I collapsed from exhaustion on top of a stack of hay. I bet my Pop never would have imagined chandeliers and a dance floor. I love this land so much it brings tears to my eyes and I know I love it because I can feel my ancestors hovering here. I have fallen down on my knees many times on this land and marveled at the beauty of God. How it almost seems he is running his hand over the red tops of the clover at times when the wind catches them just right. I know God is in this land and this barn as much or more than any church I have ever entered. I know in my heart it’s the only place I would ever want to pledge my life to a man before my God and my family. It’s as much a part of me as my hand or head or heart. I wish I had a before picture and will try to find one and post it but here is one with it half way done. I just wish it was scratch and sniff and you could smell the fresh hay and sweet budding clover to make the picture complete. This time next Saturday it will be all finished and ready for a wedding. Eeeekkkkkk, I’m very excited!

Chair & Bar stool makeover with “Chevron Print” fabric – easy & fast (Don’t you just love Before & After pictures)


Don’t you just love Before and After Pictures?  I Do.

When I should have been sleeping, I couldn’t. So I decided to get up and read and yes somehow that led to me reupholstering a chair. Here’s a little bit how my scatterbrain works then I’m going to show you step by step how to recover a cheap dining room table chair and make it look fancy and awesome.  I walked into the living room, laid my book down on a chair to pick up a cup I saw sitting in the bar and 45 min later come back to the book sitting on the chair to finally read. Then I remember I have been wanting to recover this chair and I figure what the heck,  I’m up. 1 Hour later I still haven’t opened that book but I have a pretty new chair and it was super easy.



scissors – (dont run around with them)

screwdriver – (for taking the seat off the top)

stapler – I used a regular swing-line stapler because its all I had – I’m sure there is some fancy thing that cost 30 dollars you can buy if you were so inclined, I was not and am not inclined to do so. The swing-line worked fine.

Two Notes:

*honestly it took me longer to track all this stuff down than it did to do the actual project.

*I was worried about the corners and having little puckers in the them but as long as you pull tight and staple quick its really easy to get a clean smooth corner with no pucker.  You’ll see.

1. Start by taking off the seat of the chair you are working on.  Mine are table bar stools and pretty cheap so they just had three little screws holding them in.  *Scatterbrain dingbat alert *   Put all the screws and the screwdriver in one place and all together, like a ziplock bag so you dont spend an hour on your belly running your hand over the carpet looking for one screw you lost – just say’in 🙂


2. Lay your new material over the top of the bar stool and cut it out a little larger – remember you can always trim it as you go if needed so error on the side of more is better

*No need to rip the old fabric off, we are laying our fabric right on top because we are lazy like that.


3.  Now all you do is pull and staple. Pull and staple.  Pull and staple.  Make sure its tight but not to the point where it changes the shape of the cushion.  I started from the front and worked to the back.                                                                                                                                                       ~Ok lets talk about those corners. I started at the front and smoothed the top of the fabric out with my hand and then stapled it all along the front.  When I got to the side I just kept pulling the fabric till it was smooth.  It made a small fold and I kept pulling it and stapling it till it was almost gone.  Here is a picture of my corner.


Now from above after I’m done. (picture below)


… and the underneath

BLOG FOOD 482…and now put the top back on the stool (hopefully you can find that Ziplock bag)


And enjoy your new, updated super cool, all the rage, Chevron print chairs!

Note * I did two in this Blue color and two in Orange … you know just to keep it spicy.  At any rate they look so much better than before and took no time at all.  Good luck!

Re-growing onions

I read on Pintrest that you could regrow onions if you kept the base and put them in a little water. I grow my own so I thought I would try it and if it works ill replant them in the garden. I cut off what I needed for the recipe I was making the other day and instead of tossing them in my compost I stuck the bottoms in a little water. Not much. And look today what I found, a new little sprout popping up (there are actually two but the other is really small) so I think this thing may actually work!


A good gift idea

For Christmas I made recipe cards. On one side is my pie crust recipe and the other side has the pecan pie filling recipe. I just printed them on regular paper, made them in Microsoft Publisher and laminated them at work. punched a whole in the corner, bought a $9.00 pie pan they could keep and wrapped a ribbon around it. Good and inexpensive gift.


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