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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Replacing empty

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If I had to wipe every bit of sunshine off my face.
I would gladly do it,
to give you some space,
to smile.
To pour into you what I have that stretches for miles.
To replace what you can’t even fit into vials.



A little bit obscure

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And you touch me from a thousand miles away,
And fill my veins with gold.
Make my hands heavy as stones.
No price is as good as riches stole,
No gift as good as a freely given soul.
And when my energy shouts into the blackness
No sound returned
I know you get what you earn.
In wealth or love or all the above
It’s not about the total, its about the sum.


The problem with comfortable

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Comfortable bore complacence, and
complacence never bore greatness.


Go forever and get right here

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I would go forever to get right here.


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