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My fill

∴  I had my fill and hungered still  ∴






I loved you so much my heart exploded
my souls like butter in your hot little hands.
and I’m all over the place
and I’m a mess
And exploded parts are on the walls
And exposed parts lay calmly plastered to the ceiling
And the floor is a slippery mess of all that remains
But your poised and collected as you walk into the room and pour yourself a bowl of me.


ROASTED GARLIC IN THE MICROWAVE?! Is it really possible?

So as I was flipping through some recipes I found step by step instructions on roasted garlic in the microwave and had to give it a try! I bookmarked it and just had the chance to try it out last night. Mine worked like a charm and took 2min. Of course you miss out on all the great flavor in the bottom of the pan but in a hurry this is the way to go! I wanted to make sure and give credit to this great site so check out the website and the whole pasta salad recipe here @budget bites
Below is the excerpt from the recipe on how to roast the garlic. Very good to know, very easy and I will be a return customer on this quick trick.
Step By Step Photo

To cook the garlic in the microwave, begin by cutting a little off the top of the head to expose the cloves

Place the head of garlic in a small dish and drizzle about half a tablespoon of olive oil over the exposed coves. This will keep them from burning.

Place an inverted plate over top of your bowl or dish. Microwave on high, in one minute increments, until the garlic is soft and very fragrant. Mine took two minutes and after that it began to burn (even when I added water to the dish). The garlic will hiss and pop during cooking, and some of the cloves may jump out of the head!

When it’s finished, it will be soft, kind of mushy, and it will smell really REALLY good. The cloves will be about the same color as they were fresh, but they will look slightly transparant. Allow the garlic to cool.

Once it’s cool enough to handle, squeeze the garlic cloves out of the head and mince them. They’ll likely be pretty sticky.

Add to your dish and it will result in the same flavor as pan roasting. Pretty awesome!

Press me harder

Your with me like the wet on my tongue
the arch of my back
the rise of my calf
the memories of young
the stretch of my arm
the breadth of my chest
the aching for rest
Where do I hide
with you buried inside
the marrow of my bones
the blood of my bodily home
the bend of my knee
the fold of my soul
the depth of my eye
the crease of my cheek
Even at night in my brain while I sleep
your bumping around the corners of me
introducing yourself to new parts of me
The curl of my hair
the nape of my neck
the flex of my wrist
the twitch in my chest
Your swallowing all of my inches of self
till your with me always and Im no longer myself


A cup of tea with yesterday

So its been awhile but life gets heavy to lift sometimes and all the little stuff feels like big stuff and perspective flies out the window when the widows are down and your going 90 to nothing and back again. And then I remember to breath. I remember to open my eyes and see more than I am handed. Moving has been tedious to say the least and being here alone to do a lot of it wears me down, it seems overwhelming at times and leaves water dropping out the corner of my eyes when I’m not paying close attention. An empty house feels really lonely. And when I say empty I’m not being metaphorical I have a pallet on the floor a plate a spoon a cup and a few random articles of clothing. Thank goodness for my iPod and music or I might be swinging, just kidding. But really it’s depressing a bit and motivating talks to myself and a few well places prayers have been my salvation. Along with one very good best friend. So dear life log that’s where I’m at for the moment. I move Saturday to a new town, new job, new house and I’m sure ill be too overwhelmed to feel sorry for my fortunate self but for the moment let me have my lonely like a blanket and let me reflect and pull inside. Soon enough ill have no time for it again and every memory will be pushed to the corners with all the life I’m busy living. Today Ill visit yesterday because its a friend a rarely have time for.

So Much Life

So much life going on and today I need to use this WordPress for what I started it for.  To get some of this stuff out of my head before it explodes.  If you don’t care for long personal rambling feel free to exit stage left at this point.  Moving, its stressful.  I have too much crap and it makes you think.  I long for something more simple.  A home with electricity from the sun so I dont have to go pay a bill every month.  A place where I can get my food and its not genetically modified or chemically treated.  A job where I can do art and paint and listen to music, and while im sure none of this exits just around my future corner I long for it.  A little simple peace where I don’t have to fear the government breathing down my neck and where sharing is a life style.  Where i know all my neighbors names and trees and cows and smiles are all that separate us.  If I had a million bazillion dollars this is still all I would want.  I want to make art with my hands and dance to drums at twilight and while that makes me a dreamer in this current world I think Im going to go ahead and strive to have it.  I know there is a better more pure way to do things.  I know there is a invisible thread that God created where we are all weaved together with love and this world could work in perfect harmony if there weren’t a giant pair of scissors around every corner cutting at our connections.  In science and nature and earth there is a vibration I wish we were all tuned finely enough to feel but we don’t because of all the static. I just know there is a better way and it doesn’t involve rent or mortgages or even internet…. oh my gosh yes i said it. Im frustrated at the way the world is and ultimately im probably just a little tired and worn out. I want to start a place on my blog for self sustained housing, gardening, art and cooking and then at the end of the day im worn out and all the hope and inspiration of wanting to change the world are no where to be found.  So im a little bit venting and a little bit dreaming here on this page today.  While I would have liked to go into all kinds of other stuff this is what my fingers picked to type. Forgive my scatter, I’ll pick it up another day and organize it and put it into mental files but today its sloppy and all over the place and muffin topped.

Replacing empty

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If I had to wipe every bit of sunshine off my face.
I would gladly do it,
to give you some space,
to smile.
To pour into you what I have that stretches for miles.
To replace what you can’t even fit into vials.


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