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Cover Up Black Eyes \ Dark Circles

OK, I needed to look decent at work today.  Hard to do with a black eye.  So I pulled out my magic kit (make-up bag) and went to work on this black eye of mine. After several comments at work about how much better my eye looks I thought I would post the product I used to cover it up. I love it, I use it all the time.  Like nights I stay up all night long finishing the last book in a series and then go straight to work (The Hunger Games)  point is:  If it will cover a black eye imagine how well it does with dark circles.  I don’t get paid for this I’m just passing it along because its a wonderful product.

Benefit\Lemon Aid


No too bad!


Soccer Shiner


Left soccer practice with this on Sunday, today it’s a dark plum color. It was only the second practice and it was brutal on this body. I hurt all over. Its kinda an awesome hurt all over though, if that makes any sense. Like oh my gosh I’m glad I hurt all over instead of being dead. It was tough we are a coed 30 over team practicing with a very young fast Open team. They gave us a few of their people to play on our team, I guess to make it a little more balanced. It still wasn’t.

Eye Diagnostic Chart

Not too long ago I had a little black dot in my eye and was looking for something just like this.  Found on Facebook page for Healing Art Forms Institute.  Hope it helps someone else.

Starbucks cheat sheet

My favorite coffee ever is Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte. They are across town and cost an arm and a leg. I happened to find the recipe online and brought it to the coffee shop inside the Market Basket down the road from my house this morning and ask them if they would try to make it for me. Total SUCCESS! Taste just the same. I’m going to go a blind taste test one day with my boyfriend and see if he can tell. Anyhow I figured I can order the syrup and even make it at home. Best part… Market Baskets large cost what Starbucks small cost. If anyone tries it at home let me know. Recipe and link below and you can even print recipie cards. Who knew?Starbucks Coffee Recipes



Absolutely Delicious Eggs!

I had the most wonderful eggs this morning and they were cooked in the most unique way.  Instead of using regular cooking oil we used Coconut Oil. Now let me say this I HATE Coconut, always have, so much that I used to tell people I was allergic to it. I’m not, and the oil is quiet different than actual Coconut so give it a try even if your a hater, unless you are ACTUALLY allergic to it. I have been trying to incorporate Coconut Oil into my diet where I can because the positive effects I read about it having on Alzheimer patients. I will usually put a spoonful in my oatmeal.  Anyhow this morning my boyfriend though he would try to fry an egg with it.  Not only did it work it was the best egg ever! You can barely taste the Coconut but it gives it this little flavor that’s really amazing.  Try it, Try it, Try it.


Take a pan, put a rounded spoon full of Coconut Oil in the pan and heat it up exactly as you would normal cooling oil.  Once the Oil heats up and turns to liquid, Fry your egg the way you like it and salt and pepper to taste. ENJOY!

Vintage Claw Foot tub Restoration

So excited, today we went and got my tub that I plan on restoring. Its an old cast iron claw foot tub. My Uncle Gary got this tub from my maw-maw Agnes. (There is a link to an article about her further down in my blog if your interested.) One of the reasons this project is so important to my heart is because of my Uncle Gary. It was important to him he loved old stuff. So do I. He was an amazing person, one of those people you just wanted to be around. Magnetic. He had it restored and put it in a barn house that my cousin Jason Soileau lived in until it burned down in 1994. The tub has set there since today. I remember how cool that barn was and that tub impressed me so much with the brass fixtures. . Now comes the work. I’ll update as I go but this is a start. I have to thank my cousin Jamie (Soileau/Laughlin) for letting me have it, and my uncle Shawn for bringing his backhoe to come move that heavy thing!





Fitness tip on belly fat burner belts

Ok I bought and started using one of these wraps that go around your middle section and is supposed to make you sweat and burn fat. (I don’t know if it works yet I have only had it a week.) However CAUTION: the first time I used it I wrapped it around my middle section against my skin and put my workout clothes on and set off to burn some belly goo. Well it definitely collects some serious sweat I can attest to that. I was midway through a workout and leaned over to pick up a weight, I suddenly felt all that wetness shift between the neoprene and my skin. AND THEN…what I can only describe as a tornado of sweat, shot straight up my side, out of the neoprene and under my arm! I almost had a heart attack. Yuck, gross and oh my gosh that was sweat! So after this experience my advice on these bands is wear an undershirt and put the goo squeezer over it. The undershirt will absorb the sweat so you don’t have this dingbat experience like me.


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