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365 days – 32



365 days – can you say “hissy fit”

Been there, done that, learned from my mistakes.


365 days, getting noticed

I would imagine this applies to getting a job as much as it does to falling in love with someone all the way to getting kidnaped. Sometimes you have to do something to get noticed, but whatever you do don’t do nothing!


365 days- day 27, 29 & 30 no I don’t know what happened to 28

Since I skipped a day you get two at once and as luck would have it one more day too but not the 28th because its not there and I don’t know why 🙂 Doing this everyday is harder than I planned but its a good lesson in life and scatterbrain organization training. I like the 27th’s advice, its one of those it seems you would remember after the fact. Remember it now!



Live life well #365, #25th


How true is this! I will never wish I worked more when I get to the end of my life. I want to soak up every little precious moment, I want to be alive and live and feel and know I got everything out if it. I want to live well and I want my reward at the end to be a treasure of memories that leaves this world a better place.

Rare integrity #365days,#24th


#integrity it’s a rare thing today and intellect is subject to the perceiver but if you find a soul in possession of both what a rare treasure indeed you have found.

365 days – day 22 & 23


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