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Eve’s Affects

His vanity was immediately upset by her curves, he was angry that he was so pleased with what God had done. And while his eyes devoured her form, her soul was being born. The devil marveled at the creation but was offended at the choice God laid inside it. Beauty in this shape was unacceptable because it was more beautiful he.

I remember it echoed thru everything, the vibrations hit notes us souls had never heard. Satan was offended.

You know the sound a child makes in birth? The scream. Eve screamed the first birth into sin, imagine the sound. Eve screamed the first scream to ever exist, ever in time by any human, the first mortal pain ever echoed. No it wasn’t in a literal birth, it was metaphorically her birth into sin. The alley way every other soul has made into humanity. Her note is her own. God gave it a name that can not be spoken. It’s the note of the loss of innocence and no one will know it but him and her. The devil hated Eve the moment she was created with all her eye snatching beauty. That it was hard to move his eyes from her made it even worst and jealousy was created. The next sin we read is a murder created from this feeling the devil experienced directly from Gods creation of woman. “And Cain rose up and slew Able.” Oh Eve you ripple maker.


Cords and organization and Cussing and Cleaning

I absolutely HATE cleaning this area of my house! It catches every dust bunny in a 50 mile radius and my vacuum won’t reach. The attachment will but I’m too afraid of sucking up a cord and electrocuting myself to actually use it! So what happens is when one day I drop something and I have to go fish it out of this little awful area I have to get a rag and paper towel and bottle of cleaner and pretty much a hazmat suit to go get whatever unlucky item fell into this pit of tangled dirty mess, then I cuss and throw wires and end up having to take a bath and repent. Maybe not that bad but today I decided to fix this crap once and for all. Here you go in case you have a corner of you house that makes you cuss.
I got Velcro from work for another project and remembered I had it stuck in a craft bag. Here is what I used but you could find some at a craft store. I like these because they come in perfect cut little squares.

Get out two sets, you may need more if they are light weight Velcro but this stuff is pretty good. If you use something else like strips then just judge for yourself based on the weight of the items plugged into you extension cord.

I used chalk to mark my spots on the wall where I wanted to stick my Velcro like this:


It kinda transfers if you can tell. Then I just stick on the Velcro to the wall and the extension cord strip and press them to together.


Now talk all the loose cords and tie wrap them together.

And then I cleaned up that little corner and made sure no wires were touching the ground so I can get my vacuum right up in there every time. I’m so glad I took the time to actually DO this….finally!!

The “Don’t Talk To Me Right Now I’m Eating Awesomeness” Recipe

Ok this one is simple and I must admit I took horrible pictures because I was in such a hurry to just get it in my mouth.  Sorry, but its so good that if you DO try it, and I suggest you do, then you will forgive my poor pictures and thank me over and over again for just posting it.

All you need is:



Sweet Potato – already cooked



Coconut Oil – You can use regular oil if its all you have on hand but I cant say enough about using Coconut Oil.  I have been cooking with it for awhile now and LOVE it! Here is a link to a long list of reasons why, but the main thing for me is that it seems that stuff cooks better and doesn’t have that film on it that regular oil leaves.


Take about tablespoon full of oil and put it in a frying pan on medium high. Slice a 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick piece of already cooked sweet potato and lay it in the pan until it starts to sizzle just a bit.  Sprinkle the side up with cinnamon and a pinch of salt then flip.  Your grease will be getting pretty hot at this point and you may want to turn it down to medium.  Now sprinkle the up side with cinnamon and pinch of salt and flip once more so that you can get that side golden brown.  Its up to you how much you fry it but a nice golden brown is what I have found pleases my taste buds.  The thinner the slice the faster it cooks so keep that in mind.  Now pull it off and allow it to cool and then if your brave and no one is looking add a scoop of ice cream to the top and dig in! Oh and if your boyfriend attempts to talk to you while your enjoying this amazing flavor filled moment tell him: “Don’t talk to me right now because I’m eating awesomeness!!!” I’m sure he’ll understand and wont make you run bleachers for it later.


A BOO-rific Treat!

I know, you never know what your going to get on this little scatterbrained space of mine.  Kinda reminds me of a big bag of  trick -r-treat candy, oh this brain of mine.  So in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday I thought I would add this post to show you how I did these two skulls so […]

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Functional Flooring, CHEAP

This idea occurred to me out of necessity. We built an add on to our shed to keep our dirt bikes and riding lawn mower. It’s functional but had a dirt floor that made everything a mess and was always being drug indoors or getting caked up on our shoes. I priced garage type flooring online and from sears and it ridiculously expensive. Obviously I’m not spending $250-$500 dollars on an outdoor lean to that cost $100.00 to build. So I bought a roll of cheap roofing – $40.00 at Lowes and covered the area. It took 20min to put down and it’s perfect. I even have left over. It worked so well I pulled out my left over shingles from my house and painted them and layed them out to make an area for my BBQ pit. I love it! I also laid shingles and then covered them with ceadar chips to make a pathway that weeds won’t grow under… And underneath the fence so I don’t have to weed eat there anymore, i plan on covering that with cedar chips also. All in all it’s been a wonderful discovery. I recommend checking your local city website a lot of times you can pick up left over roofing and shingles for free or very cheap. Here are some pictures of different projects I have done with them.






Drawing out You

We are different with different people, some people draw out different things in us because there are different things in them. They mix with us like a chemical reaction in a lab. We become different things together. We are dirt and science and soil and most of all soul.


Three ingredients and 5 min

Why am I always the last one to find out about the recipes with three ingredients that are awesome? If your some poor unfortunate soul like me, then here it is. I’m posting it for the two other people on the planet that didn’t know recipes could be this easy. And it’s good.

2 lbs ground beef or turkey
2 bottles of marinara (15.5 oz)

Brown meat with chopped onion then add marinara
That’s it! Eat it over garlic bread or pasta.

Cook time: as fast as you can get the meat done!


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