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My Banana – 20 Weeks Pregnant

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June 1st and I’m 20 weeks.  Everyone is asking for baby bump pictures and I realize I haven’t taken any.  Quite honestly I have just felt fat.  I know its supposed to be magical but its been me being sick and not fitting into anything.  Its getting better though because I’m feeling the baby move more, the last three days he has been very active.  I’m picking up this blog post like it hasn’t been forever since I wrote because I don’t have time to explain to you what you already know.  Life gets out of control and busy. I am somewhat paranoid about gaining too much weight and not being able to loose it when I should be worried with stuff like the baby room and what am I going to freaking do about my job?!! So I indulge myself a little and slap myself back to reality other days.  Here is something I have found has helped as I have increased in size and my belly starts to grow – KT tape.  I’ll upload a picture to show how I have used it to support my belly when it feels heavy. I have also started using it up higher where my stomach muscles come together because of my growing fear of Diastasis Recti.  At 20 weeks my uterus is just reaching for my belly button but when I eat too much it feels like the possibility of my muscles just splitting right up the middle is totally a reality – Kind of like a banana peel splits apart when peeled.  NOT COOL. OK so less about me and more about my banana boy this week.  He’s been knocking around inside me a lot more lately.  Usually I am feeling him from 10am to noon and then again in the afternoon when I lay down around 9 or 10 pm.  So I’ll try to keep little updates going and I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and posting a baby bump picture that is not so great because everyone says someday you will wish you had lots of pictures. I guess I’ll start at the half way point and try and mark my progress. Its hard to not want to Photoshop the crap out of this picture and make myself look thinner and prettier but here ya go….

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My Moms a Pistol

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Oh I love my momma! She’s a real pistol of a woman. She doesn’t get to come down to my house very often because she’s a busy lady and she has her irons in quite a few fires, but when she comes we have a good time. A little dinner and some wine and maybe a movie. It’s nice to spend time alone, usually it’s a circus of people parading around us. Did I mention she’s a red head. Yep my moms a pistol. My moms a pistol and her moms a saint, That would be Nana. She sent a cake with Mom for Nicks graduation and it is oh so perfectly delicious. Nana was so worried it wouldn’t taste right that she made mom cut a sliver out and try it. A story followed to explain the paranoia. Nana says when her mom (MeMaw) was getting older she made a cake and forgot a few ingredients and to top it off it was a Red earth cake and she was out of red food coloring and used green instead. Nana indicated in her very nice polite way that it was a nasty pile of green mess. I assured her by eating two pieces that hers was just spectacular. Put butter on a pound cake heat it in the oven a few minutes and you have heaven in your mouth!


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