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West Texas feelings

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It’s a strange thing about this place, there isn’t really anything out here to love but it creeps up on you and you love it anyways. Maybe all the nothing is part of its appeal. I know this much, I have traveled a lot and there is something different and drawing about this place. It calls you back like it’s been having conversations with your soul in your sleep. It tip toes into to all the quiet space of your heart.



All right here

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Everything I was or am or will be is all right here inside of me. Lay me out and I am my own map to my own treasure. Open me up and gold and diamonds can’t hold a candle because for everything in life we struggle to gain our greatest possession is the life and time we own, the legacy we produce and those places in the universe we carve out that exist forever in time. We are history happening, glory unfolding, we are the creation that is loved by a God and no other thing holds such esteem, no other thing has had a world created for it, free will bestowed upon it and the luxury of joy to enjoy it. We are the higher being, by the simple fact we exist. We are miracles and I am fearful and joyful for every second of this life. I am aware I am fragile and life is a very breakable vessel. I am sand and soul and I am a creation of a creator that loves me. I am blessings bundled up. Thank you!

A bar for all those dreams you can’t remember

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I guess if there was a bar where all the dreams that you forgot went to have a beer and talk about you and re-tell all the things you forgot about them, then that’s where all the in- between feelings would be comfortable hanging out. Like this: I was trying to put a word on it but it’s something that’s in between everything. The pauses and the breaks and open ended looks. All those little places and feelings sandwiched between the moments when one feeling changes to another. Nobody took the time to name them, they are gone before they begin. A strange place to live in or get stuck at…a feeling between feelings with no words to explain. I’m sure they would be comfortable with all the dreams I can’t remember. The feeling of existing but not being named or remembered.

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