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First flowers of spring


Today I was outside and the sun was shining and I spotted a patch of flowers popping off a limb of the neighbors tree. I ran across the grass in my bare feet and scooped them up and took a big whiff. Oh so sweet smell of spring. I left three on the tree and clipped three off for myself. That’s all just a splotch of spring for you today I’m so excited for warm weather and oh my gosh maybe a little tan on this pale tail of mine. Sunshine makes me happy!!


A little bit obscure

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And you touch me from a thousand miles away,
And fill my veins with gold.
Make my hands heavy as stones.
No price is as good as riches stole,
No gift as good as a freely given soul.
And when my energy shouts into the blackness
No sound returned
I know you get what you earn.
In wealth or love or all the above
It’s not about the total, its about the sum.


Zombie apocalypse prepper

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And you won’t catch one once of hesitation.
I’ll keep perfect time with your pleasant conversation,
But just know the whole time in my mind,
im biding my time,
If this situation gets much worst,
which one of you will I kill first?
And yes,
please share your political views.
It will make it easier to choose.
Oh, Please don’t say I’m rude,
Just because I say it before you do.
And I’ll appreciate you not calling me awkward
When I pull out my zombie apocalypse torcher
If things go well we can just make s’mores
If things go south this is what it’s all about
And don’t you judge me because,
I don’t find “zombies just lovely”
And don’t you condemn me
because you don’t believe in them,
or preparing for the end.
Or shouldn’t I just smile, nod and grin.
Oh yes tell me about your gun again.

Antique punch bowl – help please if you know anything about these.

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I’m so excited about getting to use this punch bowl for a baby shower I’m throwing for my sister-in-law. It’s was my maw maw Bobbies but I don’t know anything about it. It’s beautiful but has no markings telling me where it was made. I think it’s milk glass but I don’t know a lot about that so I’m not sure. If anyone knows anything about this type of glass or where and when things like this were made please post information. Thanks!


Morning Motivation

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This one little messy corner of my kitchen propels my life forward every morning. Thank God for coffee!
#thecoffeewhisperer #coffee #coffeewhisperer #liquidmodavation


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Inexpensive DIY wall art:  Thrift store art + vinyl letters + coat of paint, then remove vinyl letters.  Cool idea.  (No link here-- pin only goes to photo.)

googled it and did it
1. PIck up a LP album cover from your local thrift shop or garage sale or grandparents or… your record collection

2. Get vinyl letters ( got mine from the dollar store)

3. Apply letters to the record to say the phrase of your choice

4. Paint over entire album cover with your choice of paint (acrylic)

5. Let paint dry and remove vinyl letters (I’m super impatient and couldn’t wait to let it completely dry before I pulled off my letters and it still turned out perfect..FYI)

One more picture of one I did. I wanted the letters to pop a little so I did a light wash over them in a light colored blue paint.20130518-083846.jpg

Ok and one of me working on my creation with my niece.


Wedding picture with parents

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Just got this shot back from the photographer and I love it so much! Nicks parents are on his side and mine are on my side. Great picture layout.
By: Kali Davenport


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