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Monthly Archives: August 2013

So Much Life

So much life going on and today I need to use this WordPress for what I started it for.  To get some of this stuff out of my head before it explodes.  If you don’t care for long personal rambling feel free to exit stage left at this point.  Moving, its stressful.  I have too much crap and it makes you think.  I long for something more simple.  A home with electricity from the sun so I dont have to go pay a bill every month.  A place where I can get my food and its not genetically modified or chemically treated.  A job where I can do art and paint and listen to music, and while im sure none of this exits just around my future corner I long for it.  A little simple peace where I don’t have to fear the government breathing down my neck and where sharing is a life style.  Where i know all my neighbors names and trees and cows and smiles are all that separate us.  If I had a million bazillion dollars this is still all I would want.  I want to make art with my hands and dance to drums at twilight and while that makes me a dreamer in this current world I think Im going to go ahead and strive to have it.  I know there is a better more pure way to do things.  I know there is a invisible thread that God created where we are all weaved together with love and this world could work in perfect harmony if there weren’t a giant pair of scissors around every corner cutting at our connections.  In science and nature and earth there is a vibration I wish we were all tuned finely enough to feel but we don’t because of all the static. I just know there is a better way and it doesn’t involve rent or mortgages or even internet…. oh my gosh yes i said it. Im frustrated at the way the world is and ultimately im probably just a little tired and worn out. I want to start a place on my blog for self sustained housing, gardening, art and cooking and then at the end of the day im worn out and all the hope and inspiration of wanting to change the world are no where to be found.  So im a little bit venting and a little bit dreaming here on this page today.  While I would have liked to go into all kinds of other stuff this is what my fingers picked to type. Forgive my scatter, I’ll pick it up another day and organize it and put it into mental files but today its sloppy and all over the place and muffin topped.


A scattered thought of words i feel

There will not be any backwards glances that break me from my goal.
My eyes are set and my braces are locked on these unsteady knees.
And even though they have failed me before,
I’m one hundred percent sure of this grace that propelled me,
toward a goal of searching for more.
No, I won’t lay bets on some imaginary scene,
but nor will I live on yesterday’s dream.
What we feel is valid
but only for a moment.
Yesterday’s almost is nothing, compared to tomorrow’s promise
no thing is as good as right now’s almost.


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