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Monthly Archives: December 2012

A good gift idea

For Christmas I made recipe cards. On one side is my pie crust recipe and the other side has the pecan pie filling recipe. I just printed them on regular paper, made them in Microsoft Publisher and laminated them at work. punched a whole in the corner, bought a $9.00 pie pan they could keep and wrapped a ribbon around it. Good and inexpensive gift.



Restless lane, empty hands

Sit down on your trembling hands while you wait for me. In our restless lane lays fire and corruption. I hold on to your hand, you hold on to consumption. I give way to the freedom you take on the destruction. Ill push and you pull till some tether brakes free. And when we are swinging limp and empty remember my eyes when you first found me.


A quick fact about eggs and refrigeration

So I was laying in bed this morning and I found my mind drifting to eggs, no, not my ovaries, regular old yard eggs or eggs in a carton. I always remembered my Maw Maw Aggie had baskets of little golden brown eggs sitting out on her counter and how pretty they were. So I’m thinking how could she leave them out on the counter all the time like that? Mine are always rushed home and locked up tight in the fridge. I did a little looking into the matter and found some pretty interesting facts that i didn’t know. In the US companies that distribute eggs are required by law to rinse and clean the eggs, while this makes it nice for the consumer it also strips away the natural protective coating on the egg that is on it from the hen, making it more vulnerable to the growth of bacteria thereby causing them to spend the rest of their days locked up in a carton in temperature controlled storage until they are ready for use. Since my great grandmother had her own chickens and eggs she could simply wipe them off and keep them in a basket on her counter. And now the “duh” moment: at the farmers market where I get about half my eggs they are never refrigerated and probably don’t need to be but out of habit I come home and stick them right in refrigerator. Now I know and maybe someone else didn’t know and now they know too.

I see you falling softly

I see you in between the sunlight
and the moonlight.
In my dreams at night,
you are my just right.
Swinging softly,
push me lightly,
I fly so high,
I dream we both die.
Falling softly,
pushed so lightly.


Hawaiian Dip – My favorite dip, (other than my boyfriend)

Hawaiian Dip is my all time favorite dip, my Aunt Rhonda Jo gave me the recipe years ago and I have been impressing peoples taste buds with it ever since.  Every time someone tastes it they ask for the recipe, so here you go.


1 thick slice of Ham – (or pre-cut cubes if your feeling lazy that day)

2 Cups Shredded Cheese

6 oz Cream Cheese

1 1\2 Cup Sour Cream

1 Cup diced Ham

1 1\2 Cup chopped green onions

1 – 3oz. can of chopped Green Chilies

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce


Butter Mixture:

2 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil

1 Tablespoon melted butter

Mix together and drizzle over bread crumbs and bake till brown for dipping.






You may make a mess at this point…. or maybe that’s just me.



Mix mix mix, stir, stir, stir….. la la la….

add to bowl

looks like thisput the top on

cookNow we wait for what seems like forever….

But while we are waiting we can make out dipping pieces from the bread we set aside.

bread crumbs

butter baby





The Best Revenge

The best revenge is a life well lived.

It’s strange that I once didn’t understand this quote and now I do.

It’s in my heart and its so very true.

A Photo website I cant Pinterest

wedding kiss

This was a great site full of good picture ideas but i cant “Pin” any of them to my Pinterest board so I’m putting a link up on my blog for future reference or if anyone else is interested in a good site for great picture inspiration.


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