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Always be yourself unless…

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“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. And then be a unicorn.”


Morning Motivation

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This one little messy corner of my kitchen propels my life forward every morning. Thank God for coffee!
#thecoffeewhisperer #coffee #coffeewhisperer #liquidmodavation

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Yes I have some scars
And yes some of them are ours
But I also have smile lines
And those are all mine.

~Beth ~

Hey there drama junkies

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I used to do drama. I searched for that crap like it was a prize egg at a Easter egg hunt. If I couldn’t find it I created it. If peace and order would start to pronounce itself I would spit it out like a bad taste. A piece of advice from a former drama queen? Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction from the first sign of drama. It’s like a virus if your around someone with it it’s pretty likely you might get it too. If your a drama junkie don’t hang out with other drama users. The first step in solving your drama junkie problem is admitting you have one. Yes, I’m kinda joking and no I’m really not. It can fill your life with real problems and our mouths are powerful weapons of creation or destruction. If you are tired and you want a little peace of mind start eliminating drama. First rule of drama elimination. Don’t talk about drama, the second rule is never talk about drama! Another words stop talking about people and stop participating in listening to others talk about people. No gossiping! If you have a problem this first step is a hard step. Third step: eliminate drama creators. It’s harder because sometimes it means life changes you might not be ready to make. Sometimes it simply means no longer arguing with someone and keeping your mouth closed or walking away. Either way hard step. If your a drama junkie good luck it’s a long hard road to peace but from a former drama queen: your queen of nothing and it’s worth the climb down off your imaginary throne.


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Inexpensive DIY wall art:  Thrift store art + vinyl letters + coat of paint, then remove vinyl letters.  Cool idea.  (No link here-- pin only goes to photo.)

googled it and did it
1. PIck up a LP album cover from your local thrift shop or garage sale or grandparents or… your record collection

2. Get vinyl letters ( got mine from the dollar store)

3. Apply letters to the record to say the phrase of your choice

4. Paint over entire album cover with your choice of paint (acrylic)

5. Let paint dry and remove vinyl letters (I’m super impatient and couldn’t wait to let it completely dry before I pulled off my letters and it still turned out perfect..FYI)

One more picture of one I did. I wanted the letters to pop a little so I did a light wash over them in a light colored blue paint.20130518-083846.jpg

Ok and one of me working on my creation with my niece.


Wedding picture with parents

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Just got this shot back from the photographer and I love it so much! Nicks parents are on his side and mine are on my side. Great picture layout.
By: Kali Davenport


Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty

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Being a wife now I guess I need to cook for my man I think he eats and stuff… So during this mornings experience I realized cooking isn’t always pretty. Sometimes you gotta get your hands a little dirty 🙂


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