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Scatterbrain Day

OK so im having one of those days where there are a thousand things in my head that i need to organize and do and all these great ideas are bouncing around and its overwhelming. So I  think thats what i created this blog for is to catch it all.  Sort it out and stay on task.  A way to mange my scatterbrain.  So i have to get it all out and on paper. Its not in order of importance or what i have to do its in order of what pops in my head first.  The organizing it will come later.

* Planning a Birthday Party for my mother and cousin and sister – I have a lot of projects I want to do and a list as long as my arm of things that i want to try.  My mom and sister have the same birthday and my cousin Briannes is just a few days later. We will celebrate them all together. Mine and my grandmothers is later in the month.  October babies. My other cousin Brooke – Briannes sister – called to let me know the colors.  Yellow green grey reds and browns.

Find Apps for tracking daily expenses and setting up a budget and tax organization app. – Me and my boyfriend are doing the Dave Ramsey financial freedom class and since im a mess i need something to track my daily spending and see my budget visual and daily.  Im the “free spirit”  Nicks the “nerd” so its hard for me and i want to research and find the best app.

* Dinner – Im thinking something easy like salad and chicken fajita meat to go on top.  That way tomorrow we can use the left over chicken fajita meat and make fajitas.

Graduate Schools – Nick needs to be applying and getting ready to apply to all his graduate schools – I am helping with trying to narrow a few school down that have McNair graduate programs since he has been in the program and we thought it would be a good option.

 Storage Shed Upgrading –  I have a storage shed that we also use as Nicks study\office.  We do little upgrades to it from time to time to make it better.  It is in bad need of a new door and i found one with the built in shades, really nice for 40 clearance and bought it this week because it was an amazing deal and the doors are the worst part of the shed.  We have insulated it but its a home built shed and the doors don’t fit together very good and have gaps and loose the most heat or air.  That is scheduled for Saturday – me and Nick will work on it but I have to go get the lock and door knob re-keyed because I went to Habitat for Humanity re-store and bought them for a dollar and they don’t match. I also have to paint them because they don’t match. But a great deal so who cares.

* Clean and organize for “New Furniture” –  Nick is moving his room at his parents from down stairs to upstairs to make room for his grandmother that will be moving in part time with Nicks parents.  This means getting rid of stuff and moving some stuff to my house.  My house is small and full of stuff so this means me getting a little more organized and getting rid of stuff.  Stuff coming in:  Corner desk his grandfather built and a book case.  This doesn’t sound like much but if you live in a small space you know it IS.  I will have to get rid of my BIG desk.  Its way too big anyway and then organize all the crap that’s in it. uggggghhhh. Bookcase: I don’t know!

* Start my wooden sign for my little cousin EMMA – way over due i have to start this tonight!

Then there is everyday life. Working out, tracking my food, work.

Ok, that doesn’t seem so bad now that I look at it.  See this thing actually works!  I think. I gotta go do life.


For: September


Thoughts like a landscape you can stand on the edge of,
times of your life you can’t get enough of.
September smells like twenty three.
Reminds me of inspiration and eternity.
September said he’d love me until we died and died again,
I believed in September and gave my love to him.
A promise of forever,
left out the first door of October.
Lord if you could leave a little wonder after all the lights of life go out
I know you’ll lay it in September between breaths that I remember.
Hide it on the breeze
underneath some tall pine trees.
I’ll look for it at dusk
along with a handful of yesterdays trust.
Since your still out there I hope you feel me out here too,
the only place our souls will meet is underneath your sky of blue.
With summer in the back of your throat and winter on your tongue
I would love to wrap my arms around that September when I was young.
So here’s to hoping that the way I love September is the way September is loving me.
By: Beth Soileau 9-6-2011

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