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Delicious bite size desserts

These are my favorite desserts to make right now because they are so easy and sooooo good! Also gluten free and surprisingly not very high in calories.

• Chocolate Jello pudding (you can substitute low fat)
Pillsbury gluten free dough (got mine from Walmart)
• Coconut butter – note* I don’t really like coconut very much but I can’t stand the shredded type. This coconut butter used is just for sprinkling on top but really makes a difference in flavor. It has a better taste and texture and I highly recommend it and thats coming from a coconut hater.
• Almonds
Bake the shells in individual tiny muffin pans for 10 to 15 min or until golden brown. I just spoon the dough and press it thinly out with my fingers.

Now all you do is add the pudding mixture sprinkle with coconut butter and stick an almond on top and they are ready to eat. The crispy warm shell combines perfectly with the smooth rich chocolate and is great for filling your chocolate craving without crashing your diet. Enjoy!


Earl Grey Morning

And my fingers raddle dry like a crack fiend as I pull open the paper. And they are freezing, and blue as i rapidly move them to get at the little white pouch and I’m fumbling out of haste and a pain in my throat. I push through some work related incidentals with little strings holding my fragile nerves together, bobbing from the top of the cup, i huddle over the water cooler as the hot steam rolls over my cold and cracked knuckles gripping the mug. Patience now while I teeter brim full back into the office to a corner to warm myself while I wait. Wait, drumming fingers, rubbing the cup warming up the meaty parts of my palms, and wait…wait. Now. I pop the lid off and let the steam hit my cold face and bury my thoughts in the aromatic heat drift. Now. I lift it to my lips and the edge of the cup signals perfect temperatures. I lean back with a breath in and take a sip of my tea letting the warm liquid coat my mouth and throat like a hug. For a second the pain in my throat subsides while it gets rocked gently with earl grey herbs. I get three long sensual sips in with my eyes closed before I’m interrupted by incidentals with needs. People pressing at me and I know that was my moment for the day. Thank you earl grey tea for 29 seconds of relief see you tomorrow.



I loved you so much my heart exploded
my souls like butter in your hot little hands.
and I’m all over the place
and I’m a mess
And exploded parts are on the walls
And exposed parts lay calmly plastered to the ceiling
And the floor is a slippery mess of all that remains
But your poised and collected as you walk into the room and pour yourself a bowl of me.



And there is life all in the way of your dreams…..

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