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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Getting prepared for Big Bend National Park

getting an inventory list together for our Big Bend trip and I realize I have soooooo much to do. But all I want to do is lay in the back yard in the grass with my arms stretched out in the glorious sunshine, alas I must go to work and make me some money. But tomorrow Im free and its just me and some music and the road and I’ll be in Del Rio by nightfall. We should make it to Big Bend Saturday morning. I cant wait. Its so peaceful out there, so quiet. One of the times we were hiking to the Window we saw a small black bear, on the way pack a pack of wild hogs. Its just hard to explain the place. We have done lots of hiking and camping in Colorado, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, and all over Texas and I’m probably leaving places out… I know I am. This place is my favorite. It has a special feel to it. Its the least visited National park in the United States mainly due to its location. Its vast and extreme. The last time we visited it was 70 degrees in the mountains and 115 in the basin. So we are off in the morning and I have a ton of stuff too do! eeeekkk!


365 days, getting noticed

I would imagine this applies to getting a job as much as it does to falling in love with someone all the way to getting kidnaped. Sometimes you have to do something to get noticed, but whatever you do don’t do nothing!


Heliophilia – this is so me!


n. the desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight

365 days- day 27, 29 & 30 no I don’t know what happened to 28

Since I skipped a day you get two at once and as luck would have it one more day too but not the 28th because its not there and I don’t know why 🙂 Doing this everyday is harder than I planned but its a good lesson in life and scatterbrain organization training. I like the 27th’s advice, its one of those it seems you would remember after the fact. Remember it now!



Questions I wonder about

Since I’m not sure what to say ill respond as honestly as possible. No fold of my imagination would let me believe it was you and now that i know it is you my heart seems to stop and cock her head to the side inquisitively at me and then resume her regular pattern, but not really. Its as if each time she beats she’s leaping over some unseen astral cord that’s in her way and landing with both feet on the other side, like those jumpers that land with two feet at once in the sand. To answer: I’m more blessed than I deserve and things are very good. I guess I could have just said that, but then of course I wonder the same questions about you.


Tonight I danced in a garden to beautiful music and I twirled and sang and joy flew off all sides of me. I wish you could have been close enough to feel it.

All Undone

I can feel you now like your standing behind every closed door
Years of uncertainty, and then I’m sure.
I can feel you hovering in the open static in all the empty spaces
And I come undone, like some shoe with no laces.


Tiny House Adventures

simple living leads to grand adventures

Poems and Petals

Because poetry. And petals.

Marthatorpedo's Blog

The greatest site in all the land!

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