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Celebrity Girl

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Celebrity Girl

I’m closing a loose hand over a clinched fist
Trying to keep the pain at arms length.
Im hiding from you the best of the broke parts
All the fabulous gorilla glued fractures of my heart.
I’m sweeping big fat shards under super skinny rugs.
I’m swaying and dancing thru the side glances and shrugs
My processed head in the air
Twirling with a production of great care
No one knows about my vibrating underwear
Or that no sailor could match how I swear.
I’m a big fat, skinny, celebrity,
And anyone would trade places with me…
And jump off a building as quick as could be.
Before you go lusting after my life,
Know I’ll never get to be just a wife,
And that, I get to envy in you.
My chances at normal are little and few.
Remember to be thankful and let it shine thu,
Because the truth is I really wish I was you.


Press me harder

Your with me like the wet on my tongue
the arch of my back
the rise of my calf
the memories of young
the stretch of my arm
the breadth of my chest
the aching for rest
Where do I hide
with you buried inside
the marrow of my bones
the blood of my bodily home
the bend of my knee
the fold of my soul
the depth of my eye
the crease of my cheek
Even at night in my brain while I sleep
your bumping around the corners of me
introducing yourself to new parts of me
The curl of my hair
the nape of my neck
the flex of my wrist
the twitch in my chest
Your swallowing all of my inches of self
till your with me always and Im no longer myself


A little bit obscure

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And you touch me from a thousand miles away,
And fill my veins with gold.
Make my hands heavy as stones.
No price is as good as riches stole,
No gift as good as a freely given soul.
And when my energy shouts into the blackness
No sound returned
I know you get what you earn.
In wealth or love or all the above
It’s not about the total, its about the sum.


Zombie apocalypse prepper

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And you won’t catch one once of hesitation.
I’ll keep perfect time with your pleasant conversation,
But just know the whole time in my mind,
im biding my time,
If this situation gets much worst,
which one of you will I kill first?
And yes,
please share your political views.
It will make it easier to choose.
Oh, Please don’t say I’m rude,
Just because I say it before you do.
And I’ll appreciate you not calling me awkward
When I pull out my zombie apocalypse torcher
If things go well we can just make s’mores
If things go south this is what it’s all about
And don’t you judge me because,
I don’t find “zombies just lovely”
And don’t you condemn me
because you don’t believe in them,
or preparing for the end.
Or shouldn’t I just smile, nod and grin.
Oh yes tell me about your gun again.

over filled balloons

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I can see all your wounds.


like overfilled balloons.

I can bet on what comes pouring out.


dark pools of doubt.

No healing in this handling.


till your free of all the ailing.


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Yes I have some scars
And yes some of them are ours
But I also have smile lines
And those are all mine.

~Beth ~

Heavy Things

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You leave me climbing the walls,

picking up fist,

screaming at shadows

that never really exist.

Poisons of current positions leave me

cussing into the mist..


Empty sessions of therapy,

with me.

Searching for reason

where no reason can be.

I’ll pick up my baggage

and tote it out the front door.

I’ll walk in the back,

with an arm full of more.

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