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Accountability Post – trying to work out with a one year old and a full time job. #reallife

Accountability post: today I had a plan. It was a good plan. I was mentally prepared and everything was ready for me to do my workout at lunch. Then 30 min before lunch my boss called a meeting that lasted 2 hours. My plan was shot. I was down about it but decided as soon as I walked in the door at home I was going to work out. I got home. My kid was tired my husband had to leave for work his diaper was full (not my husbands obviously my kids) and he needed a bottle and a nap. Again I was determined as soon as I got him down for his nap I would go do my work out. Well.. I fell asleep with him trying to get him to sleep. Because this momma goes to work at 4am and she was tired. I woke up discouraged and knew I just had one more shot at getting a workout in before starting supper feeding him and bathing him and getting in bed. I got 15 min done before my almost 1 year old demanded my attention. Two hours later after another bottle a bath and getting him in bed I finished my workout. Today didn’t go as planned and I would usually just say I’ll try again tomorrow but I pushed through it and I feel so much better. life right now……image1

I drew this after the workout.  My son literally sat on my head and pulled my hair and or banged me in the head with a block the majority of the workout.



Stress is a major downer!

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Stress is reeking havoc on my immune system.  Apparently getting married, moving, and changing jobs are three of the top five most stressful things on the stressful things list 🙂 The weird thing is my body knew I was under stress before I ever realized it.  I’m pretty much a go with the flow happy kinda girl for the most part so I really didn’t understand that I was under stress until my body started reacting to it.  I started literally getting sick. I had a fever blister break out on my lip and felt all together awful.  Like this: we were driving in the car looking for houses and I could literally feel myself starting to get sick.  Now Im usually the suck it up and stop your whining kinda girl but my body refused to listen to what my mind was telling it.  Very frustrating! So I started reading about this stuff and stress is a killer and attacks your body and I am actively working on finding some relaxation time to stop this crazy cycle of getting sick and feeling bad.  I took a bubble bath last night and I am making sure I am eating regularly and getting extra sleep.  I am mad that somehow this snuck up on me and I got stressed out without realizing it.  I read some jokes today and laughed because I’m pretty sure stress hates laughter so Im attacking it every chance I get.  Yoga classes next week and plenty of fluids.  Maybe some tea? I dont know.  ANYONE GOT ANY TIPS ON HOW TO BEAT STRESS WHEN YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD IT?? HELP!

Pleather jeans?

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Well why the heck not. What’s the point in loosing a little weight if you can’t slip into some black pleather jeans and go to town 🙂 while I’m at it I’m going to put on a pale pink tee shirt and wear bright red lipstick…YOLO!

Emory Peak Big Bend National Park








A skinny state of mind?

Ok I just put on my “tight jeans” and realized they are loose. People I’m finally getting to my goal weight. This is so exciting to me! I started last year at 156 lbs. that’s the heaviest I have ever been and today 139 lbs. My goal is 130 to 135 and its finally almost in sight. It’s been a long roller coaster of emotions and working out and learning about food and myself. Ultimately I learned a lot about who I don’t want to be and my weaknesses. Yes a whole lot of self introspection has come from a decision of making a healthy lifestyle change. But all along hadn’t it been about dumping the bad and replacing it with good? Isn’t health as much a state of mind as it is a size or shape? I’m not a skinny jeans girl yet but I can see hope. I haven’t been below 140 since high school so this is a special little moment for me. Now does anyone have advice on what to do about all my jeans that are baggy looking on me?

Hiking and painting Big Bend National Park

We are going to Big Bend National Park the first week in February and I can’t wait! I LOVE to camp and I even love hiking even though while I’m doing it I complain a lot. Let me tell you this park is amazing, we have camped a lot and its my favorite place. It’s the least visited National Park in the US and when your there you can feel it. There is nothing and nothing but you and it for what seems like forever. I told Nick today I was getting excited about it and he said he wanted to prescient me with a challenge, I figured a fitness or hiking one. However to my surprise he challenged me to oil paint an entire picture of a landscape in just the time we are there. This is a big challenge, one of my first oil paintings I started three years ago and I’m still working on. We are staying in one of the cabins which is a first for us because we usually tent camp so I would have a place to store my paints. So challenge accepted! We plan on hiking to the peak. Last time we went up to the rim. I plan on writing a more detailed post about that because there is too much to go into. And pictures, of course ill post pictures.

Motivation to workout – day 9


Find something that motivates you to your goal- set long and short term goals. Maybe a new pair of pants you want take a picture of them and hang them on your fridge or by your computer at work. For me it’s this picture. It could be a saying or a bikini or a vacation, who knows what does it for you, but get a visual to look at to motivate you!

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