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Perfect Pie Crust

First thing,  I just learned this about pie crust so before we get started I’m sharing it with you.  If you are cooking an empty pie shell you put the little fork marks in it to get the air all circulating, BUT if your cooking the shell with the filling in it like Pecan Pie you DONT put the fork marks in it.  Good to know  – right?  Ok so here is the best pie crust recipe that exists and I promise once you make a homemade pie crust you will never again buy one.  It cant be duplicated and will make or break any pie.   Also, another tip:  If you want it to turn out flaky (and you do) don’t kneed it much.  Don’t over work the dough! This is my Mawmaw Bobbie’s Recipe from my dad’s side of the family and it was given to her by her grandmother. Oh and guess what… its easy as pie to make 🙂 sorry I had to add that. Bake at 425 degrees till brown.

Add 1 Cup Flour to a bowl

Add 1/2 cup Crisco

You can use buttered baking sticks or the big fat regular can.  We used the sticks.

It should say “nice AND pretty” but you get the point



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  1. Thank you for the several pictures for clarity.
    And thank you for the easy to make pie crust.
    Cant wait to try my hand at it, so off to the grocery I go.


  2. Do I fill and then bake?


  3. Hello
    Is this recipe for a one crust pie or for a two crust pie?

    Thank you,


  4. This pie crust recipe is old as Crisco is. It is still the best around.


  5. How do you keep the crust from shrinking?


  6. Hello hi have you ever used vodka ?


  7. This same recipe was given to me from my mom, who got the recipe from her mom, my grandmother, who was born in 1885. Its an old recipe, thanks for sharing,



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