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A friend of mine recently threw me a wedding shower out at her families blueberry farm. I wanted to do something to thank them so I thought I could make them a sign for the farm. Their last name is Gates. I knew I wanted it to say “Gates Berry Farm” but I wanted it to be different so I thought Gates in the background with block letters and Berry Farm over it in cursive. Here’s the steps and pictures if you wanna make one, its not hard.
I used a pallet and cut the two bottom pieces off.

I used a saw and cut right thru the nails where the boards were attached to the pallet. This is the most time efficient way I have found so far to do this.

I screwed a board on the back to attach the two boards and keep them together and left two of the screws raised up a bit so you can twist wire around them and hang the sign.

Now paint it. This will be your own decision on colors and how much but I wanted a little blue and a shabby look so I just used what I had. Oil paint and acrylic and just mixed it. The white is oil paint I had the the light blue, and pearly white were acrylic. I had to take some brown and smear it in a bit when I was done because I cover up more of the wood than I planned and wanted that exposed wood look. Just work with it.

Next print out your letters backwards on a printer. So I printed out Gates backward or flipped or mirror print. This can actually be the trickiest part but in my first home sign tutorial there is a how to on this. Or google it 🙂

Tape it down and go over the outline of the letters really hard with a pen or pencil to make an indention in the wood.
I then traced the indention with a pencil. (Make sure your letters are straight)

Now this parts a little time consuming. Take a razor or wood tool and carve out the letters. The wood is really soft so it was pretty easy it just took time.

Now I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of this next part but print out your cursive letters and tape them on and do the same thing. I didn’t do mirror print this time because there isn’t any reason to. Go over the letters hard the same way and make an indention.
I got a dark blue sharpie paint pen and pushed it down until the paint came out. I just used a styrofoam plate. Then I took a ink pen with a good tip and dipped it in the ink and outlined the cursive indention of the letters.

I would recommend spraying it with a protective coating or putting a light shalque on it so the wood doesn’t discolor.

I have to say i love the way this turned out. Originally I planned to burnish the ink on the wood like I did in the last sign project that I made for my cousin. However it didn’t burnish, I think because the paint was a little more oily vs matte and the wood was different. Probably treated. Anyhow, ended up having to cut out the Gates part with a razor blade which was very time consuming and if I do this again I will just tape off the letters before I paint the wood then remove the letters and let the wood show because I like the way it turned out.


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