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Grace… now, Please!

Grace… now, Please!

You make my heart beat like a kick drum, I feel like I would be juggling razor blades with my hands numb

My throat is tight and my stomach is flipping like a circus side show.

My hearts racing and cannons are pounding in my ears. I feel like if I move land mines will explode for years.

There is a tingling at the base of my spine, probably where my good sense used to reside.

I’m likely two prayers away from a loosing this straight face, one decision away from walking out of this place.

One request: God send me Grace.




About BethLanning

Im a scatterbrained dingbat but I have Ninja potential. This site is to catch all my scatterbrain in one place so it will be a pile of different things. The more I write the more I learn about the different piles of myself. I once thought it was all a ball of confusion and mess but I now see distinct areas taking shape. My Writing, Cooking and Food, Art, Poetry, Fitness Life, Projects, Learning to Organize, Personal Growth and its really a catch all and you never know what you'll get but isn't that just the way life is? See my other site for me and my husbands journey to build a Tiny hOme!

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