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Always: Sauté onions and garlic before adding to crock pot dishes

Well crap, here is something I just learned. I have really been having great luck with cooking lately but after making a big crockpot full of food it just tasted weird. I thought it might be because the crock pot was new and maybe that was some of it but i got to digging around a bit and found out you can’t just throw raw onions and garlic in a crock pot, you have to sauté them first to avoid getting this funny flat weird twangy taste that’s not really describable. It the science of how they react to slow cooking. I don’t know how to explain to you all the science stuff I read but I can tell you I have whole pot of food that taste weird and strange and just not right. Don’t let this happen to you! My poor husband to be just ate it anyways and said it wasn’t that bad. How very kind of him because its pretty bad. If anyone knows more about this strange little phenomenon that happens in crock pots I would be interested to learn if there are other things I just shouldn’t cook in a crock pot or put raw in one.
Link to the article I found about weird tastes in crock pots


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  1. And never never never saute garlic using stainless steel utensils or cookware. It will destroy or greatly lesson the aroma and flavor of the garlic. However, you can use stainless steel to rid your hands immediately from the garlic aroma. ;).


    • What?! oh my gosh thank you so much I didn’t know this!


      • The next time you get fresh garlic on your hands, turn on the water and take anything stainless steel and rub your finger on it a few times under the water and be amazed how the garlic odor vanishes immediately. Cooking it with stainless will do the same thing. 😉


      • Oh my this is exactly the kind of thing that I need to learn about cooking. I’m clueless about stuff like this. You have no idea how much I appreciate tips like this!


      • very welcome besoil.


      • Jerry I re-made the stew and used the tip you gave me about getting the smell of garlic off my hands with stainless steel and also left a link to your blog. Thanks you it was so much better this time around and my hands smell delightful.


      • I no cook/chef but I’ve been around the kitchen a few times in my life. Happy you found it helpful. I may be posting a no knead bread recipe soon.


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