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Thalassemia Minor

My Nana is the single most important person in my life.  If I had to pattern my life after another person it would be her.  She is gracious and patient and the most classy lady I know. She has lived a happy and simple life and she shines with joy.  Today I find myself obsessing over a thousand little things.  Its best to get everything out at times like this so I can breath a bit easier.  Thats what this space of mine is for.  My Nana fell and broke her hip on Sunday – she was vacuuming her wooden floor and the cord got around her ankle and the vacuum went one direction and she said she went the other. Mom says she shouldn’t have been vacuuming the floor on Sunday anyways she should have been taking a nap 🙂 The surgery went well.  I hate being so far away when things like this happen but I will go on Friday and hopefully she will be home.  Since the surgery was a success there should be nothing to worry about but recovery however since she has been in the hospital they have noticed she has been getting very confused and at times disoriented.  This worries me a lot.  We have a little OCD that runs in our family.  My Nana has it, we think she probably got it from her dad, my mom has it (she can see a piece of dirt on the floor two miles off).  I can see things in me that indicate I probably have it too.  Unfortunately I didnt get it in the cleaning department like my mom and Nana.  Usually I obsess over things in my mind over and over till im driving myself crazy. Hence this website to help me get stuff out. Anyways with Nana not being able to get up and get out of bed and clean or walk around its kinda gotten the best of her.  Last night she was picking on her IV’s and wanted them out.  Mom said she was confused.  It hearts my heart so much.  We also have a blood disorder called thalassemia minor.  It supposedly doesn’t really have any side effects accept fatigue and many times the doctors will try to give us Iron even thought we have plenty our blood tests often show we don’t. Also one cool fact about it is we cant get malaria.  A not so cool fact is that if two people with thalassemia minor have a child it is likely to have thalassemia major which has major issues attached.  It isnt common in the US but in the Mediterranean and Asian it is more common and usually tested for.  Anyway all this said about that to say this. It is supposedly non-symptomatic but since everyone in the family has it we have noticed a few symptoms that come from it.  None of which we let slow us down. Being tired is one and when running its often difficult to breath, another is diet.  Certain foods make me almost comatose and when I am on a low carb diet my body tends to work better.  Sinking spells, I know this sounds like an old time saying and I guess it is.  My Nanas dad (“Pop”to me) used to say this. (he is where we can trace it back to)  It feels like you are sinking or slowing down and sometimes almost dizzy like you are going to pass out.  Nana lost a lot of blood and so when they tested her blood it was around 4 0r 5.  Mine runs around 7 and a normal person reading this would run around 12 to 13.  At least thats what we have all been told by doctors.  This isnt a big deal and its not part of our everyday life.  We are all really tough and pretty much go getters but when something like this happens I wonder how it plays a part in it all.  I cut myself very badly once and lost a lot of blood and couldn’t remember my own name for a few minutes before I blacked out.  I came around and I was fine but it was a scary feeling.  I wonder if anyone else has experience with thalassemia and have noticed similar issues.  I think I’ll start keeping track of some of the traits we have that are related to it.  We have a lot of women in the family that have it and we have discussed that during our menstrual cycle fatigue is very bad and at times dizziness and brain cloudiness.  Maybe someone else will have personal information on their situation but today I couldnt get it out of my mind about ours so I thought I would write a little bit about it.  Its good to keep track of that type of stuff for medical reasons.


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