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A quick fact about eggs and refrigeration

So I was laying in bed this morning and I found my mind drifting to eggs, no, not my ovaries, regular old yard eggs or eggs in a carton. I always remembered my Maw Maw Aggie had baskets of little golden brown eggs sitting out on her counter and how pretty they were. So I’m thinking how could she leave them out on the counter all the time like that? Mine are always rushed home and locked up tight in the fridge. I did a little looking into the matter and found some pretty interesting facts that i didn’t know. In the US companies that distribute eggs are required by law to rinse and clean the eggs, while this makes it nice for the consumer it also strips away the natural protective coating on the egg that is on it from the hen, making it more vulnerable to the growth of bacteria thereby causing them to spend the rest of their days locked up in a carton in temperature controlled storage until they are ready for use. Since my great grandmother had her own chickens and eggs she could simply wipe them off and keep them in a basket on her counter. And now the “duh” moment: at the farmers market where I get about half my eggs they are never refrigerated and probably don’t need to be but out of habit I come home and stick them right in refrigerator. Now I know and maybe someone else didn’t know and now they know too.


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