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A love story: From the top

To understand this love story its going to take a lot of explaining of things that you wont understand. Its worth trying to use words to explain. You have to know things didn’t begin the way you know them now. Before man sinned there was no separation from God and mans soul or any unborn soul. We could see him and talk with him, he walked throughout the garden with ease and his notes vibrated throughout the flesh of Adam and Eve and each and every unborn soul. Everything touched everything and all the vibrations were connected to all the souls that existed. There was a note, a sound that God had placed in the fiber of everything and we could all feel and touch it. On top of this each person contained their own note. So every soul had a sound of its own that was made up of the note of everything. This note changed after sin was born. I try to explain this so you’ll understand when I tell you my soul fell in love with another soul before time began. I fell in love with his God note. It was so different back then than it is for you now. I struggle with words to explain a sound that no longer exists between a relationship that’s incomprehensible. He made a sound that made my soul make a sound that all of creation felt. It was the same for him. The note I was tuned at shook him, and he shook every thing. This is the beginning of a story that will last for eternity and span centuries on earth. It’s not a simple thing to begin but it’s started.


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Im a scatterbrained dingbat but I have Ninja potential. This site is to catch all my scatterbrain in one place so it will be a pile of different things. The more I write the more I learn about the different piles of myself. I once thought it was all a ball of confusion and mess but I now see distinct areas taking shape. My Writing, Cooking and Food, Art, Poetry, Fitness Life, Projects, Learning to Organize, Personal Growth and its really a catch all and you never know what you'll get but isn't that just the way life is? See my other site for me and my husbands journey to build a Tiny hOme!

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