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The “Don’t Talk To Me Right Now I’m Eating Awesomeness” Recipe

Ok this one is simple and I must admit I took horrible pictures because I was in such a hurry to just get it in my mouth.  Sorry, but its so good that if you DO try it, and I suggest you do, then you will forgive my poor pictures and thank me over and over again for just posting it.

All you need is:



Sweet Potato – already cooked



Coconut Oil – You can use regular oil if its all you have on hand but I cant say enough about using Coconut Oil.  I have been cooking with it for awhile now and LOVE it! Here is a link to a long list of reasons why, but the main thing for me is that it seems that stuff cooks better and doesn’t have that film on it that regular oil leaves.


Take about tablespoon full of oil and put it in a frying pan on medium high. Slice a 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick piece of already cooked sweet potato and lay it in the pan until it starts to sizzle just a bit.  Sprinkle the side up with cinnamon and a pinch of salt then flip.  Your grease will be getting pretty hot at this point and you may want to turn it down to medium.  Now sprinkle the up side with cinnamon and pinch of salt and flip once more so that you can get that side golden brown.  Its up to you how much you fry it but a nice golden brown is what I have found pleases my taste buds.  The thinner the slice the faster it cooks so keep that in mind.  Now pull it off and allow it to cool and then if your brave and no one is looking add a scoop of ice cream to the top and dig in! Oh and if your boyfriend attempts to talk to you while your enjoying this amazing flavor filled moment tell him: “Don’t talk to me right now because I’m eating awesomeness!!!” I’m sure he’ll understand and wont make you run bleachers for it later.



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