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A BOO-rific Treat!

I know, you never know what your going to get on this little scatterbrained space of mine.  Kinda reminds me of a big bag of  trick -r-treat candy, oh this brain of mine.  So in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday I thought I would add this post to show you how I did these two skulls so that I could write whatever I wanted on them. I hung the black one on my door and put the red one in the candy bucket!!!

I planned on posting a recipe today but got side tracked and look what ended up happening!  Gee wiz.  Ok so onto the first order of business. SKULLS!  I happen to have a real skull to work with cause im skit-so like that.  No really it was from a beaver that died of natural causes and I wanted to Art with it.  I planned on etching a design into the skull and then using ink to fill it in.   It never happened so I thought why not chalkboard paint it and write on it for Halloween!  So much less artsy and romantic but what the heck.  So if you don’t happen to have any animal skulls laying around don’t panic.  i found these two at my local craft store for less than a dollar.

So its pretty much the easiest project ever!

Buy some chalkboard paint from Lowe’s or Home Depot or make your own with any funky color you want.

Next get a spongy brush and paint it on

…..wait for it to dry and re-apply another coat.

Then just use some chalk and spice it up.

And ….. that’s it,  now all you have to do is set him on top of your candy to protect it!


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