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Extension cord organization (for free)

We are doing a barn make over slowly but surely. When I was cleaning out the clutter today I found all my extension cords and was so thankful that was one task I didn’t have to mess with cleaning up. Awhile back when we organized the inside of the barn we came up with this clever little idea to keep our cords neat and functional. Best part. Free. I took empty plant buckets and rolled the cords up in them. Start by taking the part you plug into the wall and sticking it through one of the water release holes in the bottom of your empty plant container. They are plastic so you can stretch the hole as needed and push it thru. Pull out enough so it will wrap around the base of the bucket on the outside about twice and tuck into itself. Then just start laying the other end of the cord in circles in the bottom of the bucket. Once you get started it will just kinda fall into place. Do this until your buckets full then cut a little slit on the top lip and put the other end that you will plug into you equipment through the little slit. It works like a charm, keeps things organized, makes using extension cords easy and … It’s freeeee!




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Im a scatterbrained dingbat but I have Ninja potential. This site is to catch all my scatterbrain in one place so it will be a pile of different things. The more I write the more I learn about the different piles of myself. I once thought it was all a ball of confusion and mess but I now see distinct areas taking shape. My Writing, Cooking and Food, Art, Poetry, Fitness Life, Projects, Learning to Organize, Personal Growth and its really a catch all and you never know what you'll get but isn't that just the way life is? See my other site for me and my husbands journey to build a Tiny hOme!

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