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I’m not sure about women

I’m not sure about women, I used to totally just not trust them, but I’m pretty sure that was because I was raised with 13 boy cousins. I preferred the company of men because they were very easy and to the point. Then slowly through time all my guy friends got girlfriends and weren’t so much allowed to be my friends and that’s life. Now in life I find myself liking and respecting women the more I get to know myself and the older I become. The girlfriends I have are actually so amazing that I could live the rest of my life without anymore and be just fine but the thing that blows my mind is how I never am able to get close to new women. I talk to them and see them in passing and have good conversations but then thats it. I notice that other women hang out with each other and keep in touch, they meet each other and bond and then go off into the sunset skipping and gossiping and getting pedicures. Well something like that at least. But I just don’t get it. No one I ever talk too wants to skip off and get a pedicure with me. I wonder about women, I don’t totally trust them but I love them and think they are beautiful. I have met some amazing ones and I met some scandalous ones and I’m interested in them all. I have a friend that very easily picks up other women friends and I wonder what the difference is in she and I. I wonder about women. I’m as confused as any man about the whole ordeal but with no excuse of the male anatomy to hide behind.


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Im a scatterbrained dingbat but I have Ninja potential. This site is to catch all my scatterbrain in one place so it will be a pile of different things. The more I write the more I learn about the different piles of myself. I once thought it was all a ball of confusion and mess but I now see distinct areas taking shape. My Writing, Cooking and Food, Art, Poetry, Fitness Life, Projects, Learning to Organize, Personal Growth and its really a catch all and you never know what you'll get but isn't that just the way life is? See my other site for me and my husbands journey to build a Tiny hOme!

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