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The mind is the builder – a quick tip for a healthy body

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Problem areas: knee fat (weird I know) inner thighs (of course) and I seem to have inherited underarm fat – another weird one. To explain, its like my boob just keeps on going right around to my back. ewwww yuck I know awful visual. These are areas of my body I have hated for a long time.  I have been working out since january and have seen some good results but not much in these areas.  I said to my boyfriend today that I CAN tell my body is getting stronger and every now and then I catch a glimpse in the mirror and I can tell I just don’t jiggle as much walking by it. I have lost about 10 lbs so nothing life changing but I still have the knee fat, thighs and underarm fat that drive me crazy. Today I was complaining about these things and gripping out-loud about how I dont know if they will ever disappear and my boyfriend did an amazing thing. He came up behind me and put his hands over my eyes and said close your eyes and picture each one of those areas. Ok yuck, done. At this point im almost going to get pissed off but I hear him out. Then he said something life changing. Now picture them how you want them to look. Wow I tried and couldn’t, all my mind would let me see was how they ARE. I have a good imagination so I set there with his hands still over my eyes and made myself see those three areas of my body with muscles instead of fat. Why was this so hard? Why had I never done it before? I knew my goal, I have seen thousands of pictures of other peoples skinny armpits I wanted but had never pictured my own skinny armpits. Nick said the first part of accomplishing something is being able to see yourself doing it or being it. BONG! I know this, I do this and we live by this idea that the mind is the builder so it blew my little mind that I had never incorporated it into THIS area of my life. I challenge you to do it, try it. Ill be picturing my skinny knees every time I run from now on.

NOTE: If your interested in more about what i mean when i say the mind is the builder Edgar Casey was an amazing source on it and i encourage reading about it.


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