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Budgets and meals for the week

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I started a budget. Basically I set down and me and physicist (my boyfriend) crunched some numbers and realized I should be able to save a whole lot more than I am. Due to this number crunching I’m on a budget. So I take out “set amount of cash” each paycheck and when it’s gone I’m broke. This caused me to take careful evaluation of my spending habits when the first week almost every cent allotted for two weeks was gone! What the heck? So I figured it up and most of it was spent on eating out during the week. So I figured in the name sake of me not starving to death I should cook all my meals for this week. By the way there is no chance of me starving. Since I mainly eat out because I have no time to cook I decided to do all my cooking in one day and avoid the during the week cooking totally. Sunday. Ok so here is what I did. Planned a few very easy fast meals that I could immediately put in containers to carry with me and divide up easily. I had 2lbs of turkey meat in freezer and made up meat balls. I just mixed bread crumbs an egg a little milk and chopped onions. With this concoction I made a pan full of small meat balls. And mini slider patties. I put the meatballs in oven on 400 degrees. I also put four sweet potatoes in on a separate tray. (both on top tray in oven.) I took two bone in chicken breast sprinkled salt and pepper and mustard on them and put a little water in the bottom of the pot. I covered it with foil and put it on the bottom rack of oven. Yes with all the other food. Now the oven is stuffed and everything is cooking at 400 degrees. I got a pan out to cook the chicken tenders or fingers. I buy all organic so they are pretty small. I did add a few drops of oil to the Ian first. Sprinkle with tex joy and they all cook up very quickly on med heat about five to seven min. I pulled them off and put them on a plate to cool. I took my little turkey slider patties and began cooking them. I Cooked them up in a few min also about five to seven, flipping a few times. Put them on a plate to cool. Took two cornbread mixes and followed recipe and had cornbread mix. I added can of mixed corn and half a can of pinto beans. mixed together filled muffin pan and thin small flat pan. Stuck them in the already full oven. Took out the meatballs, they were done. Put the chicken fingers in container. Put the turkey burger sliders in a container. Took individual containers and dropped a few meatballs in them. Put in already cooked pasta on top. Added one cup of canned pasta sauce to container and sprinkled Parmesan cheese on top. You have a ready made individual meal in each. You can put it straight in fridge. I have salad ready to eat and when the chicken and potatoes were done I put them in containers and put them in the fridge. It all took one hour and 30 min and that was mainly because I was waiting on these dang sweet potatoes to cook. They were worth it. The ingredients cost 40 dollars and I bought expensive organic chicken so you could cut the cost a bit. No pictures this time I was in a hurry but I won’t starve this week and it’s all done at once. My meals are:
Spaghetti and meatballs
Turkey burger sliders
Sweet potatoes
Corn bread
Chicken fingers
Chicken breast
One hour 30 min cook time for all
Oh here is a neat thing also that i did. As you are making these recipes you can scan all the ingredients barcodes into the app “my fitness pal” and it will create a recipes. Then divide the serving size into how ever many individual containers they fit into. Bam! You can count your calories.


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