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Shut up and be sexy

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Women this is for us. Hush your mouth for a moment and realize we have it so good. I live in America and I don’t know a woman who isn’t strong and independent. Oh, and i know…there are people that will argue that they are naturally quiet or submissive and that’s fine but ummmm I don’t know you, I don’t know a woman like that. What I do know is sometimes we need to shut up. As women, as educated, strong, women we sometimes need to close our mouth and listen. We kill men with the amount of griping we do. Im no male advocate but so many times I have seen it. I was raised with 13 boy cousins and I have learned a thing or two about men. One huge thing I learned? Griping tunes them out. They shut off. Of course it can get under their skin and piss them off and get you what you want at times but it doesn’t make you very sexy and it’s annoying as hell. It also makes them alienate you. Even if you get what you want out of all this griping it really wins you nothing in the long run. Every woman i know would like to feel sexy. Here is the most important thing: griping isn’t sexy. It’s not attractive it’s not what keeps your men out of other women’s beds. Never loose who you are, you strong, beautiful women that I know but please don’t take it too far that you forget how to shut up and just be sexy for your men. It’s probably more important than any point you are trying to make. Trust me in this one.



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