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Best swimming hole in Texas: #1 (Krause Springs)

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Some of the best things to do in Texas involve water because if you have been here you know it’s hot. Me and my physicist love to camp so I thought I would put a few of some of our best, most favorite, and beautiful places to camp and swim in Texas. It will be a work in progress but since we are here today camping I wanted to start with Krause Springs in SpiceWood Texas. It’s a private campground off a county road and it’s very laid back, unpopulated, and beautiful. It’s not hard to find and only about 45 min from Austin but it’s a secret even to most of the locals and it’s quite the hidden gem. It has a rock pool that bottles the springs at the top of the cliffs just steps from huge wind chimes that hang in ancient cypress trees and a butterfly garden equipped with water fountains and hammocks. The pool is man made and the cold spring run straight through the middle. Equipped with a rock carved diving board and ultra cool springs this is a must stop spot and on ultra hot days stay a little longer because since the pool is close to the source of where the springs come out its super cool actually a nice 62 degrees where the springs pour in. However you MUST MUST MUST proceed down the rock steps into the real attraction. One of the coolest spots in Texas. A breathtaking watering hole equipped with water falls, a rope swing, perfect rocks for sunning and even a cave. We floated around with an icy beverage on tubes and then would get out and sun ourselves on the big flat hot rocks. If you get too warm you could paddle over to the waterfall that is spring fed and lay on the rocks under it to get a super cool sprinkle. Feel free to bring anything you like to this cool spot because there aren’t many rules except no pets and no glass containers. There is no one peering over your shoulder and it’s a very relaxed environment. Awesome enough all sorts of people seem to mingle wonderful together. Young hipsters, family’s, tatted up 30 something’s, grandparents, a few preppy looking school age kids, 40 something’s all the way to infants. This place pulls a diverse crowd. It seems all you need to enter is a laid back attitude and a need to chill out. You can either stay all day or camp for a night or two. We got here around three on a Tuesday and paid to stay the night with plans to pay for a day pass Wednesday and float and leave that afternoon but when we went up they said we were good for the whole next day without paying any more, so pretty awesome! There are several bath houses and restrooms all over the place ranging from primitive to those that make you feel like your at a resort but they are ALL so nice and clean. There are primitive sites, sites with electric and RV pull ups. There are great day facilities with huge stone fire and BBQ pits, large rock picnic tables and cedar and rock pavilions around every winding corner. And i do mean every corner. They have done an excellent job at making sure there are benches and restrooms and pavilions around every little spring fed corner. Even in the dead of summer there always seems to be a breeze humming through the giant towering trees so there are tons of places to just sit and relax and enjoy it. Winding paths blooming flowers trickling springs, melodic wind chimes and if this all sounds too good to be true it’s in fact one of the few cases where it’s not. Go find out for yourself. From Austin: Take 71 to Spicewood TX turn at spur 191 go right to CR 404 turn right and then turn left at the metal gate named Krause Springs. Enjoy!

Of course our pictures from the trip will follow here is info:

404 Krause Springs Rd
Spicewood TX 78669
United States
+1 (830) 693-4181


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